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•Includes a single hinge in each order
•Constructed of durable and corrosion resistant steel
•Free-swinging hinge allows for the free movement of the cabinet door
•Includes BLUMOTION™ soft close function to prevent your cabinet door from slamming shut
•Adjustable in all three dimensions
•Installs by press-fit for easy installation
•Deactivation switch to turn BLUMOTION off when installing on small or light doors

•Opening Angle: 105 Degree
•Overlay: 3/8"
•Height Adjustment: +/-(1/8")
•Depth Adjustment: +(3/32") / -(1/32")
•Side Adjustment: +/-(1/16")
•Hinge Construction: One Piece
•Mount Type: Press Fit
•Material: Steel, nickel plated
•Self Closing: Yes
•Soft Close: Yes

Product Technologies:

◦Concealed Hinge:

Modernize your kitchen cabinets with a concealed hinge to create a seamless design and a new smooth functionality and feel. It's important to know your desired overlay measurements and size compatibility before ordering, but once a successful installation is completed, you'll be amazed at the big difference a small upgrade can make.


BLUMOTION is the soft close system from Blum. Whether large or small, heavy or light, BLUMOTION soft closing action keeps doors and drawers from slamming closed. It adapts to various closing speeds and features overload safety which protects the system from damage through use.


An overlay hinge is needed when the cabinet door you are mounting overlays the cabinet frame itself. Overlay hinges install on the interior edge of the cabinet frame and the interior face of the door, providing full motion with complete concealment of the hardware itself when the cabinet door is closed.

◦Mounting Type

Press-In (Press Fit): Press fit hinges are equipped with pre-mounted dowels that fit into holes drilled directly into the cabinet door. They do not require any screws, and generally make for quick installation and replacement.

  Price: $3.36

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