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PE-RP-20 Multi Panel

PE-RP-20 Multi Panel

Specify specific Stile and Rail width otherwise, standard 2 3/8"

ARCH TOP RAILS ARE FIGURED FROM THE WEBB The WEBB is the narrowest part of the arch

All Wainscot and Panel Ends with "NO" Edge are built 1/8" oversize on both width and height

"MACHINE PE" Edges are sanded square to order specifications

Width and Height exceed 51", there will be no additional sanding to stiles and rails after assembly

The center panels finish sanded Panels

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How many panels wide?:
How many panels high?:
Wood Species:
Panel Raises:
Edge Profile:
Inside Profile:
"Left" stile width:
"Right" stile width:
"Center" stile width:
"Top" rail width:
"Bottom" rail width:
"Center" rail width:
Special Instructions:

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