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Cabinet Doors, Drawer Fronts, Glass Frames, Appliance Panels, Wainscot and Panel Ends begin at 15/16" and finish at 13/16" thick

5/4" drawer fronts begin at 1 1/8" allowing for a panel raise plus an edge profile. 5/4" drawer fronts finish at 1" thick. Machine edge is not available

Machine edge is sanded square

"No" edge or "None" edge 1/8" larger with saw marks and possible blow-outs


Products are finished sanded 180 (paper) on a 6 head sander

No Guarantee on "Single Panel Doors" exceeding 23" in width &/or 48" in height

Doors over 48" in height will be built with 2 or more equal panels unless otherwise specified

Widths &/or heights exceeding maximum or not reaching minimum sizes are built at the discretion of the Cabinet Door Shop

Actual finished door size ordered can vary + 1/16" to -1/8" (industry standards). If closer tolerances are required-please advise

No Guarantee on Solid Slab cabinet doors with or without 1 1/2" battens

Battens are glued and pin nailed


Most domestic 1/4" flat door panels are rotary cut with the species of wood on front & back


Addison, Andrew, Blake, Chase, Cole, Double Villa, Hunter Davis, Jordan,Tyler & Villa Bead mitered door are ran through a moulder therefore profiles and widths of Stiles and Rails can not be changed


Wainscot & Panel End stile & rail width will be our standard of 2 3/8" unless otherwise specified

All arch top rails are figured from the WEBB (the narrowest part of the arch)

All Wainscot & Panel Ends are built 1/8" oversize on both width and height. If this is not acceptable, order Machine Edge

If both width and height exceed 51" there will be no additional sanding to stiles and rails after assembly


One piece routed door is a double refined fiberboard used as a paint grade material


Dovetail drawer box constructed with 5/8" side wall material

5/8" dovetail drawer boxes sanded to 150

Grooved dovetail drawer box bottoms are recessed 1/2" up from bottom of box

Bottom material for a dovetail drawer box can be 1/4" plywood or 1/2" plywood

Underside of boxes are not filled or sanded

Plywood bottoms assembled with bead of hot glue

Plywood bottoms on Notched & Bottom Mount dovetail drawer boxes pinned with 1/2" (12m/m) 18 gauage brad nails

Assembled dovetail drawer boxes can be back bored for locking device & notched for undermount guides

Eased edges are lightly broken and only available on assembled boxes

Budget Maple is composed of off fall of Maple that can not be used in our doors due to color or widths

Budget Maple is an economical material used in a high quality, very durable dovetail drawer box


See: How to Measure for Cabinet Doors, How to Measure for Drawer Fronts or How to Measure for Dovetail Drawer Boxes.


To place an order call 1-501-262-5100 with credit card information (unless prior arrangements have been made). We accept Visa & MasterCard.

If multiple quotes are requested verify all the information on the correct quote(s) to be placed as an order. Phone order(s) are read back as verification of order(s). Receipt of order(s) emailed, faxed or placed on internet must be confirmed. Placing an order over the phone, fax or email is verification you have verified all the information and you are accepting order without changes. By executing a release, the Company and/or persons hereby authorize Cabinet Door Shop, at its discretion, to proceed with order. Consumer has carefully evaluated alternatives, sizes and shipping address before making a decision to release. We acknowledge that such release is verification of evaluation of alternatives, sizes, quantity, and width x height, shipping address and it has been accepted per quote. Approvals by the consumer certify (or declare) that all the information we submitted with quote, including any accompanying statements or documents, is true, correct and complete. Cabinet Door Shop is not responsible for carrier fees for address change, residential fee, docking fee or any additional charges. Release is verification for payment to be processed. Order(s) given are in acceptance of all information provided by Cabinet Door Shop Ltd Co. For any additional information needed contact Customer Service.


Customer have 24 HOURS from time original order is placed to make any changes. Changes must be made with a Cabinet Door Shop representative. Add-on(s) are not guaranteed to ship same day as original order. Being a custom built manufacturer, we shall NOT accept any returns on Cabinet Doors, Drawer Fronts, Panel Ends &/or Dovetail Drawer Boxes.


Customer remains bound and obligated to/for any and or all order(s) placed until written confirmation "As Released" by authorized representatives of Cabinet Door Shop Ltd Co.


Cabinet Door Shop is not responsible for additional fees charged by shipping company(s).


All claims responsible to Cabinet Door Shop Ltd Co. must be submitted within fourteen (14) calendar days of receipt of order.

Cabinet Door Shop is not responsible for damages incurred in shipping. We suggest inspection of merchandise before signing for shipment. Note any damage "Damaged Product" or suspected damage "Subject to Inspection-Possible Damage". To file a claim, call your local terminal and request a "Claim Form". Keep damaged goods and container for freight company inspection. For any assistance please call Cabinet Door Shop.


Cabinet Door Shop Ltd Co. warrants that all doors are guaranteed to be specified with work being performed in accordance with specifications submitted in a substantial, workmanlike manner. Mineral streaks, color burls, grain patterns and all other natural characteristics are not considered defects unless specifically addressed by Cabinet Door Shop Ltd Co. Cabinet Door Shop's tolerance (due to the inherent nature of wood) allow for some contraction and expansion of the door-dictated by its environment. Cabinet Door Shop Ltd Co. is not liable for damages caused by negligence or improper: storage, finishing, handling, assembling or installation, by any person. Product(s) must be finished within 2 weeks of completion of order(s).


Product(s) cannot be returned without prior approval. Call for a Return Goods Authorization (RGA#) and clearly mark the outside of the original package(s) with that number. All products must be returned in original package. Products will not be credited that are marked on, have job-site damage or modified in any way. Product(s) must be in re-sellable condition. Returns are F.O.B. buyer and are subject to a 20% restocking charge or minimum of $25.00. After 60 days from ship date on invoice, the restocking charge of 20% or minimum of $25.00 with an increase by 10% per month. Cabinet Door Shop has the right to refuse any return.


U.S. Mail:

104 Bratton Drive
Hot Springs AR 1901
501-262-5225 Fax


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