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Dovetail Drawer Box with Standard Front

Dovetail Drawer Box with Standard Front

Dovetail drawer box with a 1 3/8" notched back to accommodate undermount drawer guide and locking devices

*Locking Device required with undermount installation*

Dovetail drawer box constructed with 5/8" side wall material

5/8" dovetail drawer boxes sanded to 120

Grooved dovetail drawer box bottoms are recessed 1/2" up from bottom of box

Bottom material for a dovetail drawer box can be 1/4" plywood or 1/2" plywood

Half of dovetail tooth removed and filled with putty on boxes with 1/2" plywood

Underside of boxes are not filled or sanded

Wood species on the underside of box can be different than wood species on the inside of the box

Plywood bottoms assembled with bead of hot glue

Plywood bottoms on notched dovetail drawer boxes pinned with 1/2" (12m/m) 18 gauge brad nails

Assembled dovetail drawer boxes can be back bored for locking device & notched for undermount guides

Eased edges are lightly broken and only available on assembled boxes

Natural characteristics common within the species of wood chosen are allowed

Budget Maple is composed of off fall of Maple that cannot be used in our doors due to color or widths.
Budget Maple is an economical material used in a high quality, very durable dovetail drawer box. Panels

Measuring for Side Mount Guides:

PRO-100 Full Extension

Width: Deduct 1 1/16" from width opening
Depth: Deduct minimum of 1" from depth of cabinet opening
Height: Deduct minumum of 3/4" from height of cabinet opening
Drawer Box Heights are made in 1" increments


*GS 4270 drawer slide features a built-in Soft-Close mechanism

Drawer Box Assembly & Edge:
Wood Species 5/8":
Wood Species & Grain Direction:
Drawer Runners:

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